Month: November 2008

Links and Reading for November 27th

A few of the more important reading items and links for November 27th :

AlphaTrends: One Year Ago Today – "I posted this video in which I said it "could be the beginning of a multi-year decline for the markets"
The Nerve! – GM Asks U.S. FAA to Bar Public Tracking...

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Strategy Lab: Up 16% helped by “Edge” Strategy

My MSN Strategy Lab portfolio in now up by 16.5% since August 1st. There has been a need to work the edges as the market has been throwing curve balls, sliders and end of day fastballs. Here is my latest journal:

It is really difficult to digest the amount of money...

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Banks are Toast(ers)

Reader/Listener Mike M. sent this funny, yet all too sad reality. Before this is over the page of coupons will surely grow to a full sized insert. Who is next?

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Economic Indicators – Who cares!

With all of the horrific numbers coming out it makes sense that our boy, Hank “Give-em-a-Trillion” Paulson wants to do what he can to help out the situation. If you really think about it, the amount spent on the Citigroup (C) bailout was most of the remaining TARP that was...

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Links and Reading for November 24th

A few of the more important reading items and links for November 24th :

Anatomy of the Morgan Stanley Panic – Now they are feeding on each other. These are the type of vultures that eat their young…
Good Bank, Bad Bank, and Fucked Bank – Well said… I am too...

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