Friday Stock Screen : Great Expectations for Profits

It is Friday afternoon and the markets have not been fun to watch. It has been a long week… So, what better way to spend the day than doing some research and combing through a few stock screens. Here is one that may help to generate some ideas.

According to the MSN Money screener, “This search should appeal particularly to “value” investors, but it is biased toward smaller companies and looks across all sectors. It includes parameters such as high return on investment and low debt to equity ratio in order to set a quality bar. The result: Beaten-up stocks with a lot of potential growth ahead.”

Remember, this should be used for idea generation as the market throwing curve-balls and it is hard to trust any one strategy these days.

Criteria for Screen:

P/E Ratio: Current <= 20
Market Capitalization <= $1 billion
Debt to Equity Ratio <= 0.5
EPS Growth Next 5 Yr >= 20
Return on Equity >= 10
Price/Sales Ratio <= 2

Great Expectations Stock Screen


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