Our One Week Employee – Introduction

We have a new employee – but, he‘s only staying one week!

After graduating from college in 2005 with a Business degree, Sean Aiken made a promise to himself that he would not settle for a career that he was not truly passionate about. Not realizing what this type of career would look like, he started, www.OneWeekJob.com in order to gain a better understanding of where his passions lie and inspire others to go after their passions.

Basically, anybody anywhere in the world can offer him a One Week Job. He is doing 52 jobs in 52 weeks with all his wages donated to charity.Sean Aiken
Some of his previous One Week Jobs throughout North America have included: Advertising Executive, Dairy Farmer, Yoga Instructor, Florist, Job Recruiter, Veterinarian, Radio DJAnd now, in Week #33 of his journey, he is a Stock Trader/Investment Advisor with Horowitz & Company. This week he will be honing his skills in the areas of economic theory, basic finance and investment management by researching and trading stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Graduating top of his class with a Business Administration degree, Aiken sees many signs that his generation is putting off the transition into adulthood – taking longer to finish university, get married, move out, start a family and to enter the work force. In a world where there are so many possibilities, the weight of all the possibilities can be overwhelming,” he says.

“Each day, we will be working on a different facet of this job.” said Horowitz, his 33rd employer. “The market’s daily gyrations movement and continual changes in the economy will help to make this a very interesting week,” Horowitz added.

All of the monies Sean receives will be donated to the Make Poverty History campaign and donations are highly appreciated. We will chronicle Sean‘s experience daily via blog posts audio and video and have a call-in show later this week. Stay tuned.