Month: July 2007

Zoom Zoom Zumiez

I write this as I am sitting in the middle of Bryant Park (42nd Street and 6th Avenue). There is plenty of sun, people and free wireless!

For me, it is that time of year again. Travel, camp, sun and fun. We were just back from Northern Europe and then off...

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Press: Sun Sentinel – Dow 14,000

Exciting? Well, kinda. I have been around for many milestones. 14,000 is, well just another number. Why not celebrate 13,723.76?

The Sun Sentinel was excited about it, as was the Associated Press. The article follows with my quotes highlighted:

NEW YORK, Wall Street moved soundly higher Thursday, sending the Dow Jones industrials...

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TDI Podcast 19: Dow 20,000 – Harry Dent Interview

Guest Harry Dent – Renowned Economist and bestselling author who predicted the last several booms and busts. REDF, CROX, AAPL, ANET and many others are also discussed. Corporate buybacks artificially inflating earnings? We will find out. Dow 20,000 – WHEN?

Finally, we discuss S-Curves of adoption and what is the next...

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Update – Don’t get caught with your Crocs Down

I have been monitoring the message boards, blog posts, news and any other source for information I can get on this company (CROX). For the most part, I have only come across emotional rants from people that love to wear the shoes. As an example, in response to an article...

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They work in the background. Quietly checking on your credit authenticity each time you complete a transaction on the web. Buying a book? Checking out at your favorite online store? If so, the (ANET) probably has something to do with the process. They are in the business of helping...

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