Scratching Microsoft’s Surface

Microsoft has been working on a new interactive system that will help to revolutionize and bring a more intuitive interface to computing. The first look that we had was from the mind of Steven Spielberg who directed the Movie Minority report. In that movie Tom Cruise was using a multi-touch screen that suspended in mid-air. He used two hands to sort through a huge amount of data in his search to find the answers to a murder investigation.

The opportunity for this type of technology won’t be realized by the consumer for some time, but there is an application in the commercial world within a few specific areas. These could be mapping and weather services, military, education, sales and presentations, kiosk, restaurants and other usersthat can use a platform that will benefit from the added input features.

Microsoft’s stock saw a modest uptick on this major technology enhancement, while Apple saw a $5 leap as they mentioned the new policy of reducing digital rights management (DRM) on the iTunes platform. Also, Apple moved even higher in after-hours trade as the NASDAQ announced a change to the OEX index (NAS-100) which will remove Medimune and now include Apple.Once again, Microsoft shares are not the “cool-hip” stock to own and investors do not see the benefit of rushing in to buy shares. None-the-less, this is cutting edge and has amazing potential. Watch the video on this post and judge for yourself. You will surely mutter WOW at least 3 times during the 3 minute presentation.