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Sunday Fun: A Great iPhone Currency (FX) App for Free

Simplex FX is an analysis tool for the Forex.   (Get at iTunes store HERE for free)
You can get access to real-time foreign exchange rates and charts. By setting positions in the Portfolio in advance, you can also check your profit and loss information.

Main Features and Functions of...

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TDI Episode 46: The Premiere of FusionIQ

Guest: Barry Ritholtz brings us FusionIQ - an amazing stock selection system and powerful tool for research. FusionIQ decisively changes the game by bringing pro-tools to the investment public - this is not your ordinary stock screener. - Stocks Discussed in the Episode: (SAFM) (FNM) (FRE) (MSFT) (AAPL) -FusionIQ Mixing a set of highly critical quantitative filters with fundamental and technical overlays, this will quickly become an investor's most trusted research assistant. Just out of the g

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