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Who Owns Us? No, The Question is: Who Owns U.S.?

Japan has a big piece, so does the UK. But the single largest holder of Treasuries is once again China. Even as China has been scaling back their recent purchases and opting for commodities, they still have a nightly big appetite for our debt.

Good bad? You make the call..

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Commitment of Traders Report – Updated

Below is the most recent Commitment of Traders Report.

There is apparently a wave of apathy that is probably due to the upcoming election and QE announcement.

For the most part, there has not been a significant change with the pros or the retail investor this latest reporting period.

Cot 10312010

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Which Way is The “Smart Money” Going?

The Commitment of Traders or “COT” is often called the Smart Money/Dumb Money indicator. Retail is considered the dumb part of the index. (Don’t shoot the messenger!)

Even as we could consider that characterization to be well suited for all of the players at one time or another, it is well...

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