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Sunday Fun: Bond Bubble (Say it ain’t So…)

Bond traders are leery of a possible growing bond bubble. If the bubble bursts, people’s retirement savings may be in jeopardy, Smart Money’s Russell Pearlman reports.

(Play for first 4 minutes, then it is news that you have probably seen already)

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Muni Money Markets at 5.25%+

Take a look at these tables ripped right from the pages of Schwab Institutional. Amazing ? Mistake ?

With “normal” taxable money markets are yielding less than 1%:

Look at the raw tax-free muni money market rates now….

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New York is doomed, then it gets worse

First, watch video, then read commentary. Interesting developments….

Below is the text from a recent MSNBC article that corroborates my thesis. Note that the video is from early August, 2007. The media is way behind, as usual.
ALBANY, N.Y. – The crisis in the financial system will almost surely...

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The Steak is Perfect, but The Big Apple is Rotten

This is way overdue. I have been writing this over the past few weeks and have been researching New York’s financial woes. This is definitely on my watch list… But truth be told, my travel plans have prevented me from getting this posted. So, in light of the recent announcement...

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