Date Published Title Guest Podcast Topics Stocks Audio
Jun 12, 2022 TDI Podcast: No DIY Haircuts! (#770)

Frank Curzio

Inflation, Metaverse, Deflation, Crypto, Oil Prices, Haircuts (MAS), (URA), (AA), (MOS), (TGT), (TJX), (ROST), (AIG), (WMT) play
May 29, 2022 TDI Podcast: Prioritize The Process (#768)

Clare Flynn Levy

(TJX), (ROST), (AMZN), (TWTR), (SNAP), ROCKU), (GNRC), (DKS), (M), (NVDA), (WMT), (TGT) play
May 22, 2022 TDI Podcast: A Very Special (#767)

Economic Update Webinar (WMT), (TGT), (ROST) play
Aug 13, 2017 TDI Podcast – Turning Points with Erik Townsend (#521)

Erik Townsend

Economics, Hedge Funds, Peak Low Oil, Vix (VIX), (ROST), (OIL), (DKS), (HD), (WMT), (TGT) play