Date Published Title Guest Podcast Topics Stocks Audio
Mar 24, 2024 TDI Podcast: Size Matters (#861)

Paul Merriman

(ORCL), (MSFT), (AAPL), (MU), (NVDA), (VBR) play
Nov 09, 2019 TDI Podcast: Streaming Wars with Frank Curzio (#636)

Frank Curzio

Market Outlook, Economy, Short This Name, Streaming Wars, Trade Wars (TSM), (DIS), (INTC), (T), (ROKU), (NIO), (TXN), (MU) play
Sep 28, 2019 TDI Podcast – Stylizing Your Portfolio (#630)

(ROKU), (NFLX), (FDX), (MU) play
Mar 17, 2019 TDI Podcast: Positively Perplexed (#604)

Economic and Market Dislocation, Facebook, Listener Questions, Investment Strategies (SPY), (FB), (TSLA), (FDX), (MU) play