Month: August 2011

Coming Tomorrow: TDIMG Daily (Inside Edition)

Starting September 1st, we are going to be adding a special section to this site.

The TDI Managed Growth Strategy provides a private “client-only” blog where we discuss the day and our general outlook. Areas that we cover range from current holdings analysis, economic reports, political commentary and more.

The primary purpose...

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There Are STILL Monsters Under The Bed!

Just yesterday, the comment that we made to clients at the end of our daily letter was:

In summary: The coast is not clear, there are still many monsters under the bed.

Fast forward and we wake up to a few unnerving reports that once again show that there is a a...

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Economist Martin Feldstein: 50/50 Chance of Recession (Video)

After seeing Bernanke’s latest speech,well known and respected Martin Feldstein does not find anything that the FED can do over the short term. At this point, Mr. Feldstein does not believe that there is much more that the FED will do and now puts a chance of a recession at...

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Volatility Is The Highest In A Long Time: Charting The Decades

Bloomberg Pro often has great charts that tell a story in a simple frame. We know that the recent swings in markets are unusual, but just how unusual are we talking about?

Thinking back to 2008/2009, there were 700 point days – that seemed pretty wild. But the fact is that...

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The U.S. Dollar is a BUY (So The Calculations and Experts Say…)

By most “standard” calculations, the U.S. Dollar (USD) is undervalued by close to 20%. Using the Effective Exchange Rate methodology, the USD may be due for a rise in the near future.

However, even with the recent market slide and persistent worries over potential defaults within the EuroZone, traders have been...

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