Month: July 2011

Stocks Screen: 50 Day Moving Average Bounce Candidates

We looked to find some potential bounce candidates that are nearing their 50 Day Moving Average.   Below are a list of the tickers, description and the criteria for screening:

All United States Exchanges
Average Daily Volume > 700,000
Price > $8.00
Price 3 Months Ago < Current Price (Establishes that...

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What Is Driving Markets, Oil Outlook and Housing Starts

A few of the headlines today from IBD. Nothing to get too excited about…

Goldman Sachs says the economy grew at a 1.5% annual rate in Q2, down from its previous forecast of 2%, due to disappointing consumer spending data. It also slashed its Q3 growth forecast to a 2.5% annual...

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Dear Mr. Trichet: Your Promises Are Hollow (At Best)

How many times is Mr. Trichet going to provide a snippet of information with no backup, no plan and no details? If his job is Rhetoric in Chief, then he is doing a superb job. Perhaps the #2 Spinmeister in the world (Geithner wins the #1 spot), his ability to...

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TDI Podcast 221: Eyes Wide Open, Looking Ahead to Get Ahead

In this episode, the next round of economics and earnings are covered in detail. As markets have become reactive to every headline, there may be opportunities to capitalize on a few investment ideas. Earnings season is kicking off with over 30% of the S&P 500 stocks reporting this week. The...

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