Month: August 2009

TDI Podcast #124 – Evensky: Modern Portfolio Theory Dead?

Guest: Harold Evensky, CFP and Andrew discuss the viability and benefit of traditional asset allocation. Is it dead and if so, should it be resurrected?   We also discuss some of the more   important work on the subject, both historically and more recently. Andrew also provides a look ahead...

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Sunday Fun: Obama Going for Broke

Here is a really cool interactive that shows the initiatives this administration had been proposing during the first 200 days of Obama’s term.

Click on the image to go to the interactive version. When clicked, each of the red dots provides details and data.


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Cash for…. Appliances. Really?

Now that the Cash for Clunkers plan has been so successful (at least at helping to pump GDP) we are in for Part 2…. Cash for Appliances. No need to trade in anything it appears…

Will this be used to pump up DURABLE GOODS and thereby the GDP again? So, GDP...

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DH Unplugged #32 – Apple vs. Microsoft Stores

Here is our latest conversation . new insights for anyone who invests in anything. This week the highlight is a discussion about the Apple (AAPL) stores and their success as well as the potential for someone to buyout Netflix (NFLX). Is Microsoft (MSFT) on the prowl for some good video...

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Netflix (NFLX) Ripe for Takeover?

(Note: TDIMG portfolios added an initial position of NFLX today…)

Is Microsoft a potential suitor for Netflix? Read on…(not a new idea, but….)

If you have been following the recent Xbox progress by Microsoft (MSFT), you may have noticed that Mr. Softy is back looking to takeover your living room. Yes, the...

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