Here is a snippet of how the The Disciplined Investor Managed Growth Strategy works:

QuantaFundaTechna is the short name for the process we will use to uncover the stocks that will eventually qualify for the portfolio. Just as is described, the first step is to find stocks that meet the criteria based on several screening, or Quantitative criteria. For the core portfolio, initial candidates will be selected from an active screen filtering for size, sector, earnings growth, rating, corporate structure and price momentum. Several key fundamental overlays are then added to further refine the list.

Then, a review of the company fundamentals will help to further weed out those companies that do not meet the requirements for stocks that have shown long-term price appreciation potential.

Once past this stage of the process, each stock is reviewed and confirmed for price entry and exit points using technical analysis of historical charts. Several patterns have shown to be key when looking for breakouts and breakdowns. As the goal is to maximize returns through a systematic and disciplined approach, loss minimization is essential. In other words; let the winners run and cut the losers.

Want more info? Click Here for a virtual tour of the strategy (Minimum $50,000 initial investment)