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Sunday Fun: Ticker Rain

StocksCharts has some amazing services to allow you to SEE the market and individual securities. This is an important part of the QuantaTechnaFunda portfolio process that we use with the Disciplined Investor Managed Growth Strategy.

Last week we looked at the Chart Voyeur and this week I was looking at the...

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TDI Episode 46: The Premiere of FusionIQ

Guest: Barry Ritholtz brings us FusionIQ - an amazing stock selection system and powerful tool for research. FusionIQ decisively changes the game by bringing pro-tools to the investment public - this is not your ordinary stock screener. - Stocks Discussed in the Episode: (SAFM) (FNM) (FRE) (MSFT) (AAPL) -FusionIQ Mixing a set of highly critical quantitative filters with fundamental and technical overlays, this will quickly become an investor's most trusted research assistant. Just out of the g

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