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U.S. Dollar Rally – See Why….

Well, it has to be said: We live in interesting times. Looking at the Massachusetts election “upset” proves that point rather vividly. The result of a Republican elected to the Senate, taking away the super-majority from the Democrats helped spark a sharp rally in the U.S dollar.


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Economics to Chew On – Advanced Retail Sales

The Advanced Retail sales came in much better than anticipated today – of course this is up for revision during the next few weeks.

The report came out, as traders would call – HOT.   The headline number showed that month-over-month (advanced) retail sales increased by...

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The Winning Investor: What Are Foreign Exchange Markets?

What is a Foreign Exchange Market, or Forex market? Are Forex markets really as risky and dangerous as you’ve been told? If you’ve ever had basic questions as to what the foreign exchange markets are, then this episode is for you. I‘ll give you the basic information you need to...

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TDI Podcast 128: Trading Legend Art Cashin and more…

Guest: Art Cashin and Andrew discuss markets and the dollar. Is the NYSE auction system going by the wayside? Leveraged Inverse ETFs causing problems for floor traders? Where to now? We have a good time discussing other important aspects of the market and how to position your portfolio.

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Sunday Fun: Forex Trading Video

Last week INO.com showed you how to analyze 13 forex cross-rates in less than 11 minutes. I thought it would be fun to go back and look at how this very quick analysis turned out.


Out of all the markets they analyzed in just 11 minutes, only five...

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Disturbing: U.S. Dollar as the Safe Haven

Interesting. There is a change occurring withing the currency markets of late. What was sold off during the March-May mega rally is now being bought. Japan’s Yen, England’s Pound and the U.S. Dollar are once again gaining favor.

Notice the first of three charts that we posted below show the initial...

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Sunday Fun: Following the FOREX

If you have not been watching the FOREX markets lately, you have been missing some historic price movements.

One of my favorite sites that has a wonderful selection of charts and tables is FXStreet.com

From daily charting with technical analysis….

and live FOREX tables….

to live...

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