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A Quick Look At EuroZone Yields (POST “Bailout”)

The $125 billion injection to the Spanish banks was not as well received as bulls would have hooped for. As I had earlier commented on, this is nothing more that a misdirection for the sake of taking some of the heat off a probable Greek exit.

Unfortunately, the European financial “gurus”...

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A Greek Run on Banks – Charting the Flows

There has been a consistent level of money leaving Greek banks for the past several months. But, last week saw a real surge in the withdrawals as the panic levels are rising since the government is in shambles.

With all of the jawboning over the last 18 months, did the EU...

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Must Read: Student Loans Weighing Down a Generation With Heavy Debt

This weekend, the NY Times did an extensive review of the college debt burden that is growing exponentially.It comes at an interesting time when the unemployment rate of under 25 is still close to record highs and the vote to extend the low cost loans is hanging overhead.

Something is going...

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There Will Be Pain – Greece Looking Likely to Exit?

Overall it was a very sloppy day. Perhaps the relief that Greece may be looking to leave the Euro region was reason for European markets to move higher. But, it will obviously cause Greece some hardship. The equity market over in Europe tell the story.

Ouch. That is obviously a nasty...

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Hay una alerta bond de bomba – Spanish Bond Yields

Well, it is obvious that $1 trillion is not enough to pacify the markets for more than a month. What will it take?

I could start up about government honesty, planning, budgeting and growth initiatives; but what good will that do? It is simply a disaster over there.

It is better to...

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Checking in on Euro Risk Levels – Pointing in The Wrong Direction

Like we don‘t know that there is trouble in the EuroZone without charts and tables. Unfortunately, there has been mounting problems that the ECB and other interested parties have attempted to conceal for some time. Now, the high level of rhetoric and low level of action is going to cost...

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How About This For Volatility… Getting a Bit Crazy….

Germany’s DAX index is moving wildly with every rumor and comment regarding the EU bailout. Unfortunately, the swings are going to really hurt investor confidence for some time to come. Just take a look at the intra-day moves over the past few weeks.

Below is the ridiculous swings from today… First...

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Euro Basis Swaps Nearing Crisis Levels (Chart)

Bloomberg had a very interesting story and a target to watch as the EuroZone crisis continues to roll along…

Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) — The premium European banks are paying to borrow in dollars through the swaps market is at the most extreme level since the credit crisis of 2008, signaling the...

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