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TDI Podcast: Gold Drops Most Since 1983, Kerry Lutz Explains (#310)

Guests: Kerry Lutz of The Financial Survival Network comes to us with a discussion on the benefits and pitfalls of metals as well as views on the economy. In this episode we also cover earnings season, economics, contrarian investing and other ideas.

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OFFICIAL POLL: Mish or Schiff ?

I have been following this closely over the past few days and thought that it would be an interesting idea to have readers voice their thoughts on the controversy that is surrounding the Wall Street Journal Article that explores Mish’s findings regarding Peter Schiff’s “calling the market crash” and his...

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TDI Book Reviews

The Disciplined Investor – Essential Strategies for Success

Audiobook available from iTunes and Amazon

Harry S. Dent, Jr., author of The Next Great Bubble Boom
“In this book, Andrew Horowitz offers sensible, no-nonsense advice to new investors…”

Jeff Zbar, Business Columnist, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
“Andrew is a skilled planner...

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