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S&P 500 – Updated Level Watch for Support

Last week we looked at the key levels of support for the S&P 500. On Friday it held just about the the penny and that would have set up some sort of potential for the bulls to come in – if not for the European debacle again.

The S&P 500 has...

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4 Stocks For The New Year (Daily Guru Interview)

I was recently interviewed by kate Statler on

Technical indicators are showing fledgling signs of a market turn, says advisor Andrew Horowitz, which makes him cautiously optimistic. He shares four names that he sees as flashing some signals of strength.

Kate Stalter: Today, I‘m on the phone with Andrew Horowitz...

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That Was an Ugly Week – Returns From Around the World

They are saying that this was the worst Thanksgiving week in history. That may well be. But even if there wasn’t a holiday this was still a turkey week for markets.

Now word is that Greece is looking to a 75% haircut and negotiating directly with creditors. Belgium was just downgraded...

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