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The Final Spearman Indicator For 2011: Rolling or Resting?

If you have been reading our updates on the Spearman Indicator, you have probably concluded that it has been rather accurate in its timing.

The most probable reason is that this is not a trending market, but rather a choppy and quickly changing chop that has been moving in a range....

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Update on the Spearman Indicator – Buy Signal Triggered

For what it is worth, the Spearman Indicator has been spot on with the twists and turns of the markets. Obviously it is a technical indicator and ignores news and fundamental data…

But, it is showing a buy signal, though not the strongest possible. Yet, it still is a short-term buy...

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Spearman Indicator Update: Nosebleed Territory

We have dusted off and brought out the Spearman Indicator a few times in the past. In particular, we are most interested in the time that the readings are getting extreme in either direction. Our last update, was on 11/25/2011 and it was just before the turning point. At that...

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An Update on the Spearman Indicator – Caution Prevails

The Spearman Indicator is just one of the excellent tools that you should have in your kit to determine those times that markets may be ready to see a directional change in trend.

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Notice that it has showed a divergence recently that led to a series of lower...

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