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The Spearman Indicator – Two Ways to Decipher

We often look to the Spearman Indicator as a reference point for the level of damage that is being inflicted on the markets in general and the potential for the trend to continue. If the indicator is under zero and heading lower, it is a sign that there is additional...

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The Trusty Spearman Indicator Speaks

Back on March 26th, we wrote that the Spearman Indicator was showing signs that a change in trend was possible. At that time, there was a hint that markets were vulnerable, but there was no definitive confirmation.

Now that our Market Trend Indicator (MTI) is in a Strong Downtrend position, it...

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Back to Spearman and The Bloomberg Trend/Stall Indicator (Heads Up!)

The Spearman Indicator is like the “boy crying wolf” lately. But let’s not get too comfortable/complacent.

We need to put into the proper perspective the level and the direction to see what we can determine from the signal. As we have discussed previously, the rolling-up or -over of the indicator, above/below...

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A Look At Our Friends Spearman and Trend/Stall (Chart Prep)

A winning effort begins with preparation.
Joe Ginns

The Spearman Indicator is something that we have been watching for the past several months as it has done a good job at signaling the changing trends of the markets. The chart below shows that, for the S&P 500...

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Spearman and BB Trend/Stall Indicators – Rolling…

The market has been resilient in the face of a good deal of uncertainty. Now is where the rubber is going to meet the road.

With the combination of the Euro region downgrades and the earnings onslaught over the next couple of weeks, markets will surely be...

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