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Links and Reading for October 27th

Some of the more interesting and important items for October 27th :

SEC Attempts to Curb High Frequency Trading – SEC is seeking ways to crack down on "naked access" or the practice of brokers giving high frequency access to public markets.
Crowded theaters build momentum for 3-D at home –...

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David Rosenberg on Employment Ahead

David Rosenberg is right on with his employment comment. While he has had a very doom and gloom posture for some time, he has seen throuigh a good amount of the hyperbole and silver-linings being bantered around.

Always a good check to get a pulse on the story beneath the story….


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Eco: Housing and Durables … Did we like?

Both new home sales and durable goods were disappointing today. It was close, but we believe that the durable goods were far more concerning. Perhaps this will be remedied by the Cash for Appliances. Wait, the Cash for Clunkers did not seem to have the such a great effect……

The University...

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Today’s Action – A Look Inside

WOW! That was something of substance. Sure, volume was light and the financial sector made up 30% (10pts on the S&P500 index) of the total return, but up is up.

Last week it became apparent that there was the real potential that we were seeing a move to the materials, industrials...

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Employment Reports – WRONG WRONG WRONG

We were pleased to see that the recent report by TrimTabs had it right (again)

Last week, before the BEA announced its numbers: TrimTabs Estimates U.S. Lost 650,000 Jobs in January. Here is the release:

December Savings Rate Was -1.8%, Not +3.6% as BEA Reported
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