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Signs of a Trend Change: Spearman Indicator Update+

This is a chart that we have presented many times. It is simply the S&P 500 index and a couple of reversal indicators that work well together. This time we added the “Candle Studies” as another potential confirmation of an impending change of trend.

Recently we have been working with some...

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You Asked, Here it is: The Spearman Indicator

The Spearman indicator is a useful tool. In fact, we use some of the calculation/data points for our Key Reversal Indicator.

A chart that we have posted   here before has been updated as we received several requests from readers.

Note that the recent reading was one of the highest seen in...

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When the Spearman Rolls….

The trusty Spearman indicator is showing an overbought condition that is now correcting. Looking at the chart, notice the highlighted areas.

Often times when the Spearman Indicator begins to roll under the moving average from above the overbought level, there is a correction. While the indicator cannot provide the magnitude or...

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Wicked Bounce Potential Ahead… (Spearman Update Too!)

We will see how the week plays. But we did some work to see if there is any support for a bounce from what appears to be a fear driven sell-off. Take a look at the weekly chart below. The 40-week is support, down a little from here. This is...

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