The Management

  • Advisor Crafted, Technology Enhanced
  • Professional Management, Not Just an Algorithm
  • Objective Investing – No Proprietary Funds or Kickbacks from Fund Companies or ETFs
  • Putting the Client First and Holding Managers Accountable

The Investments

  • Load Waived or No Load Funds and ETFs
  • Active and Passive Investing
  • Active Manager Oversight
  • Low Fees
  • Access to Funds with High Barrier to Entry
  • No Trading Fees*
    *Subject to holding period requirement

The Process

  • Dynamic Asset Allocation: Not Set it and Forget It
  • Regular Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Diversified Investing
  • Meetings with Fund Managers for Accountability
  • Personalized Asset Allocations
  • Ongoing Scrutiny of Fund Manager Selection
  • Focused Investment Vehicle Selection Process


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