How Did Those Dogs (of the Dow) Do in 2012? Lineup for 2013

The Dogs of the Dow is one of the easiest screens to run.   Simply find the 10 highest yielding stocks in the DJIA and viola, you have the Dogs.

For 2012, the Dogs returned 9.82% on average. Not bad and beating the DJIA for the year. Let’s take a look...

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Screen: Short Squeeze Candidates

US and Canada Short Interest Squeeze: Idea Generation

I asked my friend Constantin over at the Bloomberg headquarters if he had any thoughts on what would be an interesting screen to work up – looking for short-squeeze candidates. Here is what he wrote today:

Companies with high short interest tend to exhibit...

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Screen: Companies With Huge Layoffs Over 2 Years

If margins are important to keep EPS up to the street’s expectations, it stands to reason that the companies that have cut costs the most should be in good shape. Of course that assumes that those companies are still bringing in a stable revenue stream.

On a regular basis, the fantastic...

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The Results Are In! The S&P 1500, Top to Bottom Ranked

This goes down as one of the longest graphics in history. But, it has the S&P 1500, ranked by returns for the year.

The #1 position in Questor (QCOR) that we have written about recently and currently hold.

SCROLLLLLLLL Down to see all…..

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How Did Those Dogs (of the Dow) Do in 2011? Lineup for 2012

The Dogs of the Dow is one of the easiest screens to run.   Simply find the 10 highest yielding stocks in the DJIA and viola, you have the Dogs.

So far in 2011, the Dogs have returned a whopping 17% on average. Not bad considering all of the things that...

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Stock Screens: European Banks with Most Downgrades

In this edition of stock screens, we take a look at European Banks that are being downgraded by analysts over the past 4 weeks.   European banks use of leverage is rumored to be extremely high at around 30 to 1 or in some cases even 40 to 1.  ...

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Stock Screens: Strong IPOs

In this weeks podcast, we discussed a screen for strong IPOs.   Check out the podcast here to hear more about how we came up with this screen and the theory behind it.


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Stock Screens: Stocks & ETFs Defying Laws of Gravity (GMCR)

In this edition of the weekly stock screens we are going to take a look at those companies who are defying the laws of market physics.   Despite the recent market sell-off these companies and exchange traded funds have been surprisingly buoyant.   We defined this screen as stocks that...

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Stocks Screen: 50 Day Moving Average Bounce Candidates

We looked to find some potential bounce candidates that are nearing their 50 Day Moving Average.   Below are a list of the tickers, description and the criteria for screening:

All United States Exchanges
Average Daily Volume > 700,000
Price > $8.00
Price 3 Months Ago < Current Price (Establishes that...

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Screen: Companies Affected By Declining Metal Prices

Screening a set of criteria is a good way to start coming up with ideas for companies that meet a certain set of requirements. Sometimes it is growth related fundamentals and other times it may be technicals.

Here we looked at global companies that may be affected by declining metal prices....

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