TDI Podcast: Curzio Discussing SumAhParts (#587)

Frank Curzio explains that there is a special phrase that analysts use that should send investors running for to the doors.

We discuss the the troubles facing big-box retail and the outlook for the economy.

Plus we take up the topic again of how tariffs can impact companies, both domestic and international...

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TDI Podcast: Technically Challenged (#587)

In this episode, we take a look at some of the internals that make up the technical levels for markets.

Inflation is heating up, the Fed is staying the course – investors are getting worried.

Stocks to watch, the outlook for 2018/2019 and listener questions.

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Stocks mentioned in...

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TDI Podcast: Holiday Gifts from The Fed Cancelled (#586)

A big rebound – many want to know if this is for real.

Apple (AAPL) tanks, trade talks gone wild and a look at “GooBad” news.

This week’s guest, Danielle DiMartino Booth tells us why she is no longer on the Fed’s holiday card list.

Danielle DiMartino Booth is CEO and Director of...

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TDI Podcast: A Deep Dive and Statistical Anomalies (#585)

Trillions lost and key market indices are now in the red for the year. Earnings have been mixed but still decent growth overall. However, investors are focused on the outlook that is not as bright as was hoped for.

Plus, we take a take a look at some interesting statistical rarities...

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TDI Podcast: The Good, Bad and Lazy (#584)

There was mixed news for markets this week. Economic reports are still generally positive, but sentiment appears to have soured.

In this episode we take a look at the current market structure compared to a historical analog that may be a pattern to watch.

Here is the simple truth: there are no...

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TDI Podcast: Fact-O-Pinions (#583)

Markets hit a sinkhole. We discuss the ramifications and what investors should be considering. There are many facts being presented on the subject and so many more opinions – we try to sift through these to make heads or tails of it all.

Also, we take some time to discuss the...

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TDI Podcast: Reformulating GICS and Taxing Matters (#582)

Daniel Prince of Blackrock explains the latest changes in the Global Industry Classification Standards (GICS) – and how these may impact your investments and your investment process.

Then, Patrick Camuso, CPA provides some great insights and tips for making smart tax moves by the end of the year.

Plus a quick overview...

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TDI Podcast: You Get What You Pay For (#581)

Looking at the latest news may not be in your best interest as an investor. Stay focused and remove distractions.

A look at the value potential for Tesla (TSLA) if Elon Musk is removed as CEO.

Plus, a sneak peak at the study we are in the process of completing regarding the...

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TDI Podcast: ‘Tis The Seasonality (#580)

This week’s guest, Christoph Zenk – of Seasonax explains how seasonal trends can help investors with entry and exit timing.

The newly created Seasonax App is a really cool and useful tool for uncovering important trends that were once very difficult to find. We explore an some interesting patterns and...

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TDI Podcast: The Amer-Nomadic Dream (#579)

An up week after a down week, new tariffs on top of old tariffs and a twist on the American Dream. Our guest this week, Kathy Fettke – Author and founder of the Real Wealth Network, shows us where the opportunities are with real estate investing and how to get...

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TDI Podcast: The Robots are Coming with John Pugliano (#578)

Guest, John Pugliano has written a provocative book that takes a look at the world in which robots are coming for our jobs. He identifies robot-proof careers and illustrates some investment opportunities within the landscape.

In this episode we also look at the latest economic reports and how that may be...

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TDI Podcast: The “R” Word with Frank Curzio (#577)

If there is anything that is constant – it is Frank’s ability to cut through the noise and provide some grounded views. We get back to the potential impact of tariffs on the economy, the potential for a recession and several names that he believes have some opportunity.

We start...

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