TDI Podcast: Long Fuse – Can We Handle The Truth? (#624)

Back from South Africa and I have a few important observations. Aside from what is happening there – much of the recent out-sized moves for bonds and equities need to be explored.

More importantly, we are being stuffed with a bunch of solid waste by the Fed and central banks around...

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TDI Podcast: The Show Must Go On! (#623)

As I am somewhere in between a glass of red and a charging Rhino – let’s agree that the show must go on!

In this episode we tackle listener questions – you asked and this episode is full of answers.

Thanks for all that provided the requests that helped make this show...

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TDI Podcast: Hide Your Treasure (#622)

Adam Wright has a problem with spending. His idea is to create an augmented reality game to help himself (and others) to save more and spend less.

The latest GDP report as well as earnings season are keeping investors interested in buying everything they can. Tech is looking pretty good –...

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TDI Podcast: Fix That Alpha Leak – Essentia Analytics (#621)

Clare Flynn Levy, CEO of  Essentia Analytics explains why behavior tracking is essential to better performance. Just like elite athletes, investors need a data-driven feedback loop to improve.

We also cover listener questions in the episode as well as economics, earnings and plenty more.

Prior to founding Essentia, Clare spent 10 years...

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TDI Podcast: Cannabis Flower Power (#620)

Cannabis Life Sciences CEO Andrew Glashow is our guest this episode. We look at trends in the marijuana industry and what he sees ahead for the sector.

Equity indices are making all-time highs with record amounts of money pulled from stock funds and ETFs – how does that square?

Plus, we take...

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TDI Podcast: Mutually Assured Destruction (#619)

Negative Rates are killing global economies. Turning yield curves upside down and causing a never ending race to the bottom. This will assuredly take down the global economy if this policy experiment isn’t  discontinued.

Is there anyway out of this or are we destined to see ZIRP forever?

Plus – listener questions...

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TDI Podcast: Opportunities in The Zones (#618)

Taylor Lembi on Real Estate Opportunity Zones – an interesting way to diversify and reduce capital gains tax on highly appreciated assets.

If you have been scared, mentally paralyzed or just a non-believer in the market rally – we have something that may help in this episode of you.

Plus – a...

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TDI Podcast: Lunch With Ben Bernanke (#617)

Imagine that you have been stranded on an island for the last 10-years. You come home and find that the economy is doing well and the stock market is near all-time highs. What would you forecast Fed Funds rates to be?

How about the rate on the 10-year Treasury?

Listen in to...

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TDI Podcast: The Widow-Maker Trade (#616)

Chris Vecchio brings us his expertise in the area of currency trading. If you ever wanted to know more about what it takes to be a currency trader – this episode is for you.

What is going on with my Apple devices?

Plus a look at the high-flying IPO markets.

Christopher Vecchio is...

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TDI Podcast: Tariffornication (#615)

The Karate Kid of Economics strikes again – Tariffs on, Tariffs Off.

Economic number are weak and that is bringing in the bad is good narrative – we discuss what to look for in the upcoming months ahead.

Valuations, listener questions and a fishing story to boot – all this and much...

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TDI Podcast: Deep Insights with Howard Silverblatt (#614)

Howard Silverblatt gets deep into the scorecard from this earnings season.  The biggest changes, trends and the impact of buybacks.

We also have to discuss the latest round of tariffs on Mexico. Really????

The yield curve inversion is getting worse and that is not looking good for our econoy’s future.

So much more…..


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TDI Podcast: Digital Transformation Stocks with Jon Markman (#613)

Jon Markman provides a great depth of knowledge in several areas that we discuss in this episode. From the future of autonomous driving to the state of the economy.

We spend some time discussing the real impact on GDP from the trade war and then get into a fascinating discussion about...

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