Here Is What Is Wrong With IBM

Just a quick view of what is going on with IBM’s stock today.

While IBM has been busy buying back massive amounts of their stock, revenues have been on the slide. Yes, earnings have been somewhat consistent over time, but again it has been much more about financial engineering than anything...

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Wonky Data – The Unemployment Report

On one hand, the latest release of the March Unemployment report did not meet expectations for new hires. On the other, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.5% – far lower than most predictions.

This is one of the problems when there are many reports that the media covers. Just a few...

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An Update on “420” Stocks

Some of the best performing stocks from 2015 are starting to see a turnaround. Even as many states have legalized marijuana for either recreational use and/or medical use in the recent elections, there has been some very worrying signs that the Federal government is not too keen on any further...

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An Inside Look At The TDIMG Portfolio

The Disciplined Investor Managed Growth (TDIMG) Strategy has several diversifying components within the portfolios that we manage. Central to the strategy are the core stock holdings that are derived from a rigorous quantitative screen.

This screening process starts with a universe of over 5,000 publicly traded companies and searches for very...

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Stock Screen: Highest Effective Tax Rates

Considering the idea that there is a push by the Trump administration for tax reform along with tax reduction, we looked to a screen in order to find companies that may benefit. This was a topic of discussion on The Disciplined Investor Podcast (#494) and we promised to make that...

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DJIA 20,000 – Acceptance Speech

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has finally eclipsed the 20,000 milestone. So much importance has been put on this level by the media that we thought that it would be only right to reprint the acceptance speech that could be given by the index on this occasion.

If only the index...

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About Those Uranium Stocks…

Since the election, Uranium has been showing some signs of a resurgence. Ever since comments were made about the need for the U.S. to build up nuclear weapons to guard against potential threats, there has been interest once again in the commodity as well as the companies that mine, refine...

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A Quick Look At Economic Trends

There has been a steady move toward stronger than expected economic reports over the past month. In particular, manufacturing has picked up as has the service sector.

Consumer confidence has jumped to the highest reading in some time as the ugly election process came to an end. As we all know,...

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The Potential for a Gold (GLD) Breakout – Chart Analysis

Gold ETF (GLD) – Time to Make or Break…

This is an update on the potential for a intermediate-term change of trend for Gold ($GLD), based on our TriggerCharts technical indicators.

As we are all keenly aware of. there has been some noticeable momentum in gold recently , even as the U.S....

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Are Valuations Flashing A Warning Signal?

The end of the year is finally here and what a wild year it was. Starting off with a significant swoon at the beginning, 2016 ended with a massive post-election rally. The Fed was accomodative throughout and only raised rates once, even though they had projected four hikes.

Disregarding all of...

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Economic Indicator Status and Trend

As discussed in our previous quarterly, there is a cycle and relation of Fed Action and the economy.  We discussed how we may be moving from a dovish fed and stronger economy to a more hawkish fed with also a stronger economy.  As economic data continues to improve,...

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A Look Back to Our Quarterly Commentary

Last quarters economic commentary and review titled “The Fed’s Next Sequel: Rocky XXXVI” discussed Economic Cycles,

The Impending December Rate Hike, The Make-Up of the Federal Reserve as well as some insight into the trends in economic data.  Have a look below at what was released at the beginning of...

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