Month: May 2020

TDI Podcast: The Fast Pitch with Curzio (#664)

Markets rally for a second month while value blows past growth for the week.

Threats to China have no immediate impact on market and our Guest – Frank Curzio of Curzio Research.

An important discussion on the economy and markets. Plus – we play some finsports… Batter Up

Frank Curzio can be reached...

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DHUnplugged #507: Socialized Capitalism

Markets reacting violently to headlines of every vaccine trial. Questioning – is this socialized capitalism? Real Estate over-bidding again and more global stimulus on the way. Fed Limericks are Back! PLUS we are now on Spotify ! See this week’s stock picks HERE Follow John C. Dvorak on Twitter Follow...

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TDI Podcast: Monkeys in Suits (#663)

Markets remain resilient against a backdrop of bad news, governments signal they have our backs.

New geopolitical tensions arising and the shape of the recovery is in question….

We also discuss how to watch out for bad deals and brokers that push what is their best interest – not always yours.

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DHUnplugged #506: More Free Money

New stimulus and more money to families under discussion. Retail sales drop the most on record and unemployment is approaching historic levels. New evidence that there is massive foreign money coming into U.S. markets YES – Limericks are Back! PLUS we are now on Spotify ! See this week’s stock...

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H&C – After Hours Q&A Popup Webinar (5/18/20)

Webinar Replay – Horowitz & Company Client Update
May 18, 2020


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Important Disclosures

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Past performance is no indication of future results. Please research on...

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