Month: July 2019

DHUnplugged #465: How Does This Square?

Earnings season is here! Banks reporting that net interest margin is taking a hit. Massive outflows from equity funds – but markets hitting new highs – what is this about? Insights on these latest developments and more… PLUS we are now on Spotify ! See this week’s stock picks HERE...

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Over the course of many years, we were led to believe that relying on economic data out of China was a fool’s errand.  While we all witnessed the incredible growth of the Chinese real estate market, we eventually found out that it resulted in hundreds of miles of empty apartment...

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TDI Podcast: Cannabis Flower Power (#620)

Cannabis Life Sciences CEO Andrew Glashow is our guest this episode. We look at trends in the marijuana industry and what he sees ahead for the sector.

Equity indices are making all-time highs with record amounts of money pulled from stock funds and ETFs – how does that square?

Plus, we take...

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DHUnplugged #464: Failed Experiment

Massive losses have plagued EuroZone banks for years – one bank is getting closer to the end of  is life span. Plenty of economic news coming up and earnings season is about to get underway. Negative yields provide an interesting Arbitrage opportunity – that is helping one specific country. PLUS...

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TDI Podcast: Mutually Assured Destruction (#619)

Negative Rates are killing global economies. Turning yield curves upside down and causing a never ending race to the bottom. This will assuredly take down the global economy if this policy experiment isn’t  discontinued.

Is there anyway out of this or are we destined to see ZIRP forever?

Plus – listener questions...

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