Month: July 2018

TDI Podcast: Dr. Kevin Doxzen on CRISPR (#573)

Dr. Kevin Doxzen provides deep knowledge into the cutting edge biotech area of CRISPR. We focus on the potential, morality and opportunities.

In this episode, we find out why ignorance is no longer bliss. Confirmation bias has been elevated with the fake-news brainwashing that has been firmly seeded. Specifically, the clear...

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DHUnplugged #417: Desperate Measures

Big earnings continue to be seen. Tech is cleaning up, cloud computing companies on fire. Industrials – not so good. Odd request from Tesla explored and a look into the future of car ownership. Plus, the last of the Fed Limericks! See this week’s stock picks HERE Follow John C....

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TDI Podcast: The Pull-Forward Theory Explained (#572)

The potential for a currency war is heating up, the Fed’s independence is threatened and new tariffs are proposed – just in the last few days!

Listener questions are answered, the Pull-Forward Theory explained and some thoughts on sectors that could benefit from a falling dollar.

A look back at the...

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DHUnplugged #416: Buying Frenzy

Earnings season is on! Already seeing a few names getting love and some getting the boot. Investors continue to look past all headwinds and buying every chance they get. Good news is good news and bad news is an opportunity. The VIX is now near 12 again – more bullish...

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TDI Podcast: Banging Heads with Curzio (#571)

Frank Curzio lays out his case on why tariffs are not so bad – this is an area we disagree. Plus we take a look at what is working in this market, a few stock spicks, the outlook and some additional areas to consider.

A look back at the week’s...

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