Month: March 2015

TDI Podcast: Dollar Up, Stocks Down (#404)

In this episode we quickly discuss the US Markets and how they are being driven by the rising dollar. Oil, earnings, economics and more are the focus of our discussion.

Plus a few stocks to watch…



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10th Annual Podcast Awards – Please Vote

The 10th Annual Podcast Awards are now in the voting stage. You have helped to put The Disciplined Investor in the running for an award. Now comes the part where you can vote for your favorite show and I hope that you will choose The Disciplined Investor !

Here is what...

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DHUnplugged #259: Bad Day- More to Come?

In this episode we cover the new Apple Watch as well as the massive sell-off in global markets. How will gold fare? Is there more downside for markets?

Plenty of ideas – even with a lack of any interesting news out there…

See this week‘s stock picks HERE

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DHUnplugged #258: How China Manufacturing Will Kill Us All

Now we have to worry about the floors we walk on killing us. Lumber Liquidators (LL) is facing serious charges that laminate floors with carcinogens – all manufactured in China –   are being sold throughout the U.S. What is next? Death by Pillow/Mattress filling ?

We talk about the recent...

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