Month: September 2013

TDI Podcast: Stock Picks, McClellan on Gold and Sunspots (#332)

Guest:     Tom McClellan provides us some insight into the cycles that are now in play for the markets. What does the McClellan oscillator say about current conditions and what is the 13 1/2 month cycle for gold all about? The potential fallout over the budget debt ceiling as...

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What Do You Get When You Add These Up?

If you added up the annual gross domestic product (GDP) of the following countries, what do you get?

Saint Lucia
Central African Republic

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(in $ billions)

Aruba - $2.51
Belize - $1.44
Greenland - $2.43

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DHUnplugged – “Our Stock Picks” (Live Update)

Each week on the DHUnplugged Podcast, John C. Dvorak and I spend some time looking at ideas for stocks that may be ready for a move. We log each of the specific ideas and then track them on a Google Docs spreadsheet.

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The nice thing is that...

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