Month: August 2013

Earnings Reports Due – Salesforce (CRM) Needs to Impress

Coming into the final part of earnings season, (CRM) needs to put up some good numbers. The stock has been a perennial favorite of the MOMO crowd and the company is showing some maturing indications. For a while, they were one of the only games in town for cloud...

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Sunday Fun: BMW Drivers are Jerks – So Says Statistics

BMW Drivers Really Are Jerks, Studies Find

Drivers of BMWs are frequently criticized for habits on the road that are perceived as aggressive. Two new studies provide statistical evidence that BMW drivers really are the most aggressive and more prone to road rage. MarketWatch’s Thomas Bemis reports.

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TriggerPoint Research Equities: Stocks Poised to Drop!

Using TriggerPoint Research’s proprietary algorithm we have identified some stocks with the potential to breakdown.   While they have not quite hit that point, these stocks are on our watch-list for a TPR Equity ALERT!

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