TDI Podcast: Emerging Markets With Tim Seymour, New Commodity ALERTS! (#299)

Earnings are flowing and the economic landscape is changing. As we talked about in last week’s episode, currency wars are fueling the rally. Emerging markets have been lagging though and Tim Seymour provides some excellent insight into where the money may be flowing and which markets are best to avoid. Plus, earnings to watch and a quick outlook, now that the DJIA is abouve 14,000.


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 Tim is a founder of Emerging Money. He is a founder and Managing Partner at Triogem Asset Management, and The Emerging Markets Contributor to CNBC. Triogem Asset Management focuses on investing throughout the global emerging markets asset class. With a view that emerging and developing economies will continue to outpace the economic growth and advancement of developed economies, Seymour has devoted a career to investing in the dominant markets of tomorrow, today. Seymour‘s career has included significant experience in both alternative asset management (hedge funds) and capital markets, having launched two hedge funds, and built the largest Russian broker dealer in the USA.

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Tim started his career at UBS, focusing on international credit (cash, swaps, forex) in a specialized hedge fund group (New York). Tim completed the firm‘s training program after graduating with an MBA in international finance from Fordham University. Tim received his undergraduate degree at Georgetown University.


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