Month: January 2013

TPR Equity ALERTS! – Performance

The TriggerPoint Research Equity ALERTS! program has been steadily making profits for subscribers. The basic theory here is that there are key price levels that have important implications if breached. In fact, the algorithm is searching for areas that could have quick flushes up and down based on specific conditions.


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The Disciplined Investor’s Best of List: 2013

During last weeks podcast we discussed some of the “Best Of” various different financial tools and applications that we thought our listeners might want to check out.   Below is the list along with the links to the sites.

Best Broker / Platform

Tradestation – Brokerage and Trading Platform offering customization and...

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Yes People: You (We) Are Now Paying More Taxes

Meet the Press had a easy to understand, quick down and dirty look at how much more you (and I) will be now be paying in payroll taxes. The big question is whether or not this is enough to push consumers away from their recent spending levels.

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