TDI Podcast: Success Stories with Amy Smith from Investor’s Business Daily (#297)

Guest Amy Smith of IBD discusses some of the stocks that are looking ready and ripe for a big move. We also discuss emotions and how they hinder performance. Amy shares with us some of the stories from the front lines of successful investors and reminds us about sticking to a defined discipline and plan.



Amy Smith is a host of IBD TV‘s daily Market Wrap video ( and the co-host of AM 870 radio program, “How to Make Money in Stocks” ( She is also Director of IBD Meetup Development and national speaker for Investor‘s Business Daily with presentations on the CAN SLIM ® Investing System and how to put it into action.

For three decades, investors have learned how to use Investor‘s Business Daily (IBD ®) to successfully trade stocks with extraordinary results. Now anyone can read and learn from their stories, and develop the same skills for mastering successful investing. Amy Smith‘s HOW TO MAKE MONEY 1-10-2013 4-51-25 PMIN STOCKS SUCCESS STORIES (McGraw-Hill Professional; January 11, 2013; Original Paper & eBook formats: $18) is an inspirational collection of profiles about investors from all walks of life, chronicling how they used IBD to profit from the stock market and, in doing so, realized their life-long dreams.

The individuals featured in HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN STOCKS SUCCESS STORIES ( prove that regardless of background, education, job experience or age, anyone can learn to invest successfully. Amy Smith illustrates with her interviews that investing success is about following a system that works. And Smith shows that even in rough markets, these investors learned to spot the time to get out of the market safely but also to capitalize in trade-able rallies. Smith states, “A correction is one of the best times to watch for stocks holding up, since the strongest stocks often survive and move higher at the onset of a good uptrend.”




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