Bloomberg Coverage on The Fiscal Cliff – Good Stuff

Bloomberg expanded their coverage recently of the doings with the Fiscal Cliff fiasco. They have a terrific portal on the BB terminal and some additional information available to the public on the website. Here is some of the top items from today:


More than $600 billion in tax increases and federal spending cuts scheduled to take effect in January 2013 threaten to drag the U.S. economy over a “fiscal cliff”. This page explains the components of the cliff, the talks to avert it and its potential impact.


The Talks
1. U.S. Fiscal Dispute Shows Sign of Thaw Before Year-End Deadline
2. Ryan Working With Cantor to Protect Boehner Plan From Tea Party
3. Obama Stays Firm on Taxes as He Offers Republicans Cooperation
4. Rich Gain as Companies Try to Beat Obama Tax Increases
5. Delay of $29 Billion Medical-Device Tax Gains Democratic Support
6. Obama-Boehner Talks Stuck by No Movement on Taxes, Spending The Markets
7. Fed Seen Expanding Assets to $4 Trillion With Treasury Buying
8. Sequestration a Danger for Construction; Could Cost More Than it Saves, Experts Say

Reported Elsewhere
9. Where Things Really Stand in the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations
10. Obama, With Blue-Collar Backdrop, Pushes for Higher Taxes on the Richest
11. Elements of a Fiscal Cliff Deal Coming Into Focus
12. Obama calls for added push to strike fiscal deal
13. The Fix’s New Tax Defector Whip List