Month: November 2012

Sector Rotation – Big Changes Recently

This is the relative rotation graph from Bloomberg. Notice that over the past twelve weeks that the leadership has changed dramatically. Financials have had the best move and are the outright leaders of the market. On the other hand, the strength of the Utilities and telcoms has been declining sharply.


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Appetitie For Global Government Debt

This is a good representation of the continuing desire of investors to grab up government debt. Even as some of the concerns over the possible default in the Eurozone are present, that has not dissuaded deep value players from buying even the lowest rated debt.


Bloomberg Brief

From the U.S. to Germany...

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China – Soft Landing is The Latest Descriptor

Remember, there is a change of powers that is occurring shortly in China. So, the need to have the economy looking its best is of utmost importance. Even with the recent downturn for global manufacturing, China has been slowing showing better results.

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(Click on each chart to...

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Earnings Cheat Sheet for The Week Ahead

Earnings are providing some serious trading opportunities as price swings have been enormous.

Analysts have been busy at work changing their estimates as they try to sharpen their best guess right up until the report is released.

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