TDI Podcast: Hot Hot Latin Stocks with Juan Villegas (#288)

Guest: Juan Villegas gives us a better insight into the equity markets of Latin America and the potential for stocks and ETFs. Juan is an educator, trader and very knowledgeable about technical trading – good stuff here!

We also talk about the fiscal cliff and why stocks may be selling off after President Obama was re-elected.

Wondering if we are Oversold or Overbought? We will get to that as well and talk about the selling pressure in Apple (AAPL).

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Juan Villegas.   graduated from college of Universidad Eafit.   He received his MBA from UC Berkeley and has a Management of Information Systems degree. He is the founder of Reditum as well as the author of the investments book: INGRESARIOS (also a financial social network).  

Juan is a partner and the VP of Latin America for TAS Professional.

As a Video-Blogger for 5 years he had produced more than 3,000 videos for 8,000 subscribers.   Juan is an expert on technical analysis and specifically Market Profile ® based on TAS Professional tools.   Mr. Villegas is a Public Speaker, a teacher and a father of 3.




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