Month: November 2012

Report: S&P Earnings and Sales Growth Spread (Something Has Gotta Give)

Sales and earnings are the basic components of a company‘s profitability. As sales move up and down, a company can adapt their expenses to meet the net earnings requirements in order to preserve profitability. However, there is only so much a company can cut. Eventually, something has got to give.


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Why Increased Revenues Won’t Solve Fiscal Cliff

By Tom McClellan (recently heard on The Disciplined Investor Podcast:

In the 1955 movie Rebel Without a Cause, the lead character Jim Stark (James Dean) gets involved in a “Chickie Run”, in which teenaged boys with more testosterone than brains race stolen cars toward a cliff.   The idea is to...

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Income and Spending – “Grim Report”

On the Eco front today, the news on personal spending should not be much of a surprise. Super storm/hurricane Sandy took a toll on this month’s numbers. However, there may be a bit of an increase next month as some repairs were made and items purchased. Unfortunately, the income numbers...

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Wake up! The media and the pundits all talk about the fix for the Fiscal cliff. BUT THERE IS NO FIX!

Here is a radical idea: Raise interest rates in order to grow the economy. Sound ridiculous? We get into the reasoning. In this episode we also talk about shorting...

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