Month: October 2012

StocktoberFest 2012 Schedule: A Month of Stock Analysis

StocktoberFest Schedule

Below is the list of   the stocks that we are going to be analyzing.   This list is not final and we will be looking to add some more names and symbols as we go through the many emails and requests that we continue to receive.


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World Market Returns – 2012

For the 3rd quarter and year-to-date, the performance of some of the key markets around the world. Amazing how much Germany’s DAX has outperformed considering the slowdown in that region.

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Economics That Will Move Markets This Week

Overnight Sunday, China released their Manufacturing Index and once again it was sub 50. That was below estimates and not too exciting to see. In addition, Japan’s Tankan Survey was a -3, where a reading below zero show businesses that are pessimistic outnumber those that are optimistic.

We will see...

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