StocktoberFest 2012 Schedule: A Month of Stock Analysis

StocktoberFest Schedule

Below is the list of   the stocks that we are going to be analyzing.   This list is not final and we will be looking to add some more names and symbols as we go through the many emails and requests that we continue to receive.

When the analysis and information is made available, we will update this table with the article link(s).   Also, notifications will be sent out via Twitter.

Make sure to bookmark this page as well. RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save as bookmark” to make it easy to return daily. Note: Each week on the TDI Podcast, we will be taking a look at someof these in more detail.

Date Stock Symbol (CLICK)
Requested By
10/1/2012 FFIV Chris D.
10/1/2012  ULTA Don F.
10/2/2012 CAT  Dave P.
10/2/2012  COH Joe L.
10/3/2012  FAST  Gary H.
10/3/2012 GOOG Mark T.
10/4/2012 LVS  Dave S.
10/4/2012  QCOM Wally H.
10/5/2012  SBUX Don H.
10/5/2012  KFT  Rich P.
10/5/2012  STX Andrew S.
10/8/2012  ADTN Michael W.
10/8/2012 ANV JAAP
10/9/2012  AKAM Bill S.
10/9/2012  TITN  John L..
10/10/2012  CRUS  Brian W.
10/10/2012  SSYS  Mike B.
10/11/2012  SPLS  James S.
10/11/2012  MOS David O.
10/12/2012  MSFT  Pat C.
10/12/2012 YHOO
 Brett M.
10/16/2012  KO  Mike B.
10/16/2012  SYMC  Angela F.
10/16/2012  ORCL  Brad R.
10/17/2012  FCX Jeremy N.
10/17/2012  MTW  Eric M.
10/17/2012  DTV  Kim M.
10/20/2012  GLW John C.
10/20/2012  IPGP  Troy S.
10/21/2012  SLW  Mark A.
10/21/2012  ANDE  Charles R.
10/22/2012  CNQR  Jeff H.
10/22/2012 SLM H&C
10/22/2012  F  Peter W.
10/23/2012  SD John R.
10/23/2012 SNH
Mauricio R.
10/24/2012  ADM  Clemens H.
10/24/2012  CLNE  Mike S.
10/24/2011  HL Doug J.
10/25/2012 ZAGG
John H.
10/25/2012  SXL  Luciano L.
10/26/2012  GST  Rahul K.
10/26/2012  KOG  Scott L.
10/29/2012  PAAS  Manraj K.
10/29/2012  SCLN  Vernon   M.
10/30/2012 UGI
Don W.
10/30/2012  TTWO  Dan S.
10/31/2012  DDD  Chris H.
10/31/2012  OMX Michale S.

Some requests were scratched as some of the data points were not available of non-calculable.


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