Month: September 2012

DHUnplugged #161: Are We Better Off Now?

The Democratic Convention is is full swing – lots of hope, promise and blame. Are we better off that we were a few years ago, Pre-Obama? We hit on the important data points. Plus some stock ideas and lots more…

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ISM Manufacturing Shows Contraction, But Price Paid… Not Healthy

The ISM Manufacturing Index showed a third straight month below the critical 50 mark. This is what we are seeing around the world as economies are slowing and manufacturing is hit hard.

August ISM Manufacturing Index 49.6 vs consensus of 50.0; July was 49.8; this indicates the manufacturing...

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Message To Working America: It’s Labor Day, Not Union Day

A recent piece from Investor’s Business Daily. What more can I add to this?

Spot on…  

Message To Working America: It‘s Labor Day, Not Union Day

Most Americans realize that Labor Day is about celebrating workers, not union bosses. But that won‘t stop Big Labor‘s apologists from seizing the spotlight to...

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