Month: September 2012

TriggerPoint Research – Video Series

Here it is for your viewing pleasure….

The recent webinars that we held – the crowd was thick and we got some really nice reviews.


Live and Alerting

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McClellan – Election Year Differences (Good Stuff)

Recently, we had Tom McClellan as a guest on the TDI Podcast and we spoke about presidential cycles. I asked him about the differences when there is an incumbent running over times when there isn’t. He did an excellent job at explaining the psychology of both occurrences and how markets...

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Economics: Plenty of Reports, Won’t Matter – Market/Eco Dislocation

Clearly there has been a split between the reality of economic and financial conditions and the equity markets around the word. With central banks using kitchen sink tactics, they are essentially shielding equities and investors from any true price discovery.

But, it is what it is, until it isn’t. It...

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TDI Podcast: China Stimulus, FOMC and Stocks That Could Fly (#279)

China’s economy continues to slow, stimulus measures are everywhere. Stocks are reacting favorably to the notion that the FED is about to unleash a new round of QE. Woman are still spending and the big announcements this week: Apple and German courts on the 12th. Some stocks that we are...

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Sunday Update: Remembering My Grandfather

Yup, up until this weekend I still had a grandparent in   my life. Papa Freddie was a terrific guy who taught me all sorts of things. In fact, he introduced me to sushi back in 1984 before it was cool and hip. He had a full life and traveled...

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