TDI Podcast – Recent Listener Reviews

Right off of iTunes. here are the latest comments from listeners. Are you listening too?

Informative and straight ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By ChemGuyGW- Jul 8, 2012
Great podcast that cuts to the point of what is affecting the market and how one can benefit from it. I have suggested several of my friends this podcast to better understand how the markets work. Thanks for your work AH.

Super podcast! ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By James Kessinger- Jul 4, 2012
I‘ve been a listener for the past two years and have to say that Andrew Horowitz‘s macro on the economy is the best out there in podcast land. Podcasting would have to be a tough, thankless business so this guy deserves kudos for the work he puts into his podcasts. Thanks Andrew and keep them comingI‘ve learned a great deal.

Great job Andrew, keep it up! ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By Vernon M. Jun 14, 2012
I have been listening to this podcast weekly for at least 2 years now, and Andrew‘s podcast is GREAT! He always has interesting information, good ideas to think about, and really good interviews from great guests. I appreciate the time and effort that gets put into the podcast and it provides me with something interesting and entertaining to listen to while I‘m driving aroundwhich I do a lot. Thanks!

Great informational podcast ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By cebert83- Jun 2, 2012
Andrew and his guests always have great insight. I‘ve learned a lot by listening to this podcast on a weekly basis.

Best Stock Podcast ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By Hairy magic- Jun 1, 2012
I listen to a lot of stock market related podcasts and I must say that this one is the most entertaining and informative.

Excellent podcast ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By David Sebastian- May 31, 2012
Andrew does a great job giving you commentary as to what is going on in not only the US markets but the global economy. His guests are well informed and provide opinions from all sides. Andrew doesn‘t seem to be bias one way or another but calls a spade a spade. When information is everywhere on tv and the internet, this podcast is a great resource to anyone wanting more insights to the stock market and economy.
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Consistent ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By Vimish- May 22, 2012
The opinions, guests, and researched info are highly professional and informative. Best of all, Andrew is consistent in his delivery keeps otherwise dry topic interesting with just right amount of wit and personalization. My favorite financial program, one notch ahead of Fast Money.

Love Your Show ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By BlackRock2- May 17, 2012
Please keep up the good work. You‘re the man! The Virtual Guestorama wasn‘t bad either.
Thank you Andrew ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By ChetsD- May 14, 2012
Virtual guestorama was great. You should do it more often. It‘s like the cream of the crop from the interviews all over the media. Thanks again Andrew Horowitz (not david).

Love the commentary and the interviews. I wait eagerly Sunday night for your podcast and Wednesday for DH unplugged. Thank you for doing this Andrew. You‘re the best.

Only one complain. Please don‘t get into political issues. Sometimes it‘s annoying. Happy Holidays.

Love the guests ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By jacobpb- May 10, 2012
I always find myself looking forward to this show. Some of the guests are really terrific, and his analysis is often interesting.

Excellent ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By Gcnevs- Feb 24, 2012
Great insight and point of view.

Great podcast for the individual investor! ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By met2- Feb 11, 2012
I listen to a variety of podcasts about investing as well as other subjects. In the course of managing our money I‘ve come to appreciate those people and resources that are helpful and informative to me. A low of news, financial or otherwise, is fear based and very immediate in its time frame. Andrew is a professional money manager who sifts through a lot of data and distills it down and presents his view of the market. I understand that Horowitz and Co. want to increase assets under management and this podcast is part of their marketing but it is also a very good resource for the individual investors. Try it and decide for yourself! It is worth the time in my opinion. The guest list is a good way to judge the quality of the podcast.
Thanks Andrew, mark
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Intelligent, Informed, Interesting ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By skub- Feb 9, 2012
I have been listening to this podcast for a couple years now and really look forward to each week‘s episode. Andrew takes a macro view of the economy and the markets and examines broad forces affecting the stock market. He regularly has excellent guests and has the rare ability to provide his own soliloquy of insights as well as play the role of interviewer to his guests. Andrew is really smart and well informed, but does not pretend he has all the answers. He has strong opinions which he supports well, but is open minded enough to consider alternatives or ask insightful questions. Those that criticize his soft shell of his service, I cannot understand. Of course he is going to make that pitch. It is his business and how he makes a living. He is not doing this for just fun and because he has nothing better to do. But, the pitch is soft and certainly not intrusive and annoying. It is a great podcast and is truly my personal favorite.
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Love this podcast ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By revbry- Feb 8, 2012
This is a great podcast for investing. Andrew has interesting interviews, outside perspectives, and covers a lot of territory. There is a great deal that goes over my head, but in that regard, I find it challenging and rewarding. He is a smart guy and understands a wide range of economics, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis. If I could take him out for a beer once a week I would, but I can‘t, so I settle for this podcast. Keep doing your thing Andrew.

TDI Podcast ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By Maggie Reeves- Feb 7, 2012
Andrew Horowitz has a fantastic podcast. The current information on market conditions has become invaluable. I have found very few podcasts that give me actionable information. Andrew‘s long term views with short term trading opportunities is a great one/two punch. Thanks, Mike from Indianapolis

Good Stuff ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By dreasttum- Jan 28, 2012
A good source for keeping an ear to the ground in the investing/trading world.

Your market week prep ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By matt321z- Jan 23, 2012
I have tried a number of sources to get the right level of breadth and depth and perspective, and there is no better option than Andrew‘s podcast. He does an excellent job of integrating the macro, the micro, the technical, the fundamental, the long equity opportunities, the short equity opportunities, the volatility/ opinion opportunities all into a cohesive story that is an excellent context for the weeks market events. And I haven‘t even mentioned the excellent guests Andrew is able to attract due to the high quality of his podcast. Download an episode, subscribe, and make it part of your weekly routine.
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Disciplined Investor is the best investment podcast, period! ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By L. Robert- Jan 19, 2012
You can learn so much from Andrew and his guests. It appears that he puts a lot of hard work and thought into this podcast and it shows. I have been trading stocks successfully for about 40 years and I still learn a lot from this podcast. Nice job!

Great insight! ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜… ˜…
By Andrew Fealy- Jan 17, 2012
Andrew is always current and insightful with his topics. He does a great job at providing a macro and micro view of the markets. I always look forward to the new episodes. Keep up the great work!