2 Stocks Worth A Look – NOW, ASAP, PRONTO

Both of these names are powering higher on decent volume. Also, both are close to or breaking above a secondary TriggerPoint that we have previously provided to subscribers of ALERTS!

It was less than one week ago that we highlighted U.S. Steel (X) as a name that could see a big upside move if volume kicked in. That is what is happening today.

Perhaps more important is the next level that could be the area of a massive short-squeeze. Look to the $32.50 resistance line as the demarcation point. If there is a move through that level, there is a HUGE upside opportunity.   (See the U.S. Steel ALERT! HERE)

W&T Offshore (WTI) is also staging a mini breakout. This name has been bouncing off of a rising 50 DMA and now has some potential to gap through resistance levels.


Both of these names are held in Horowitz & Company client accounts and have been ALERTS! for TriggerPoint Research recently.