Month: January 2012

Continental Resources (CLR) – Clearing Breakout and Update

Smashing breakout for Continental Resources (CLR). Combining their terrific track record with a solid outlook boosted shares today by over 5% to approaching its all-time high levels.

Back in December, we looked closely at this company as it held a 10 out of a possible 10 on our QFT Score. The...

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European Risk Aversion Turnaround (Don’t Blink)

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How is this for a change? What a difference a couple of weeks (and a $90 billion backdoor bailout from the U.S. Fed) makes…. The charts tell the story.

The Euro 3m Basis Swap has gone from -170 to -76. Impressive change of sentiment.

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Sunday Fun: Solve This Math Problem

Here is a fun little ditty. Take a look the following and try to figure it out. Answer by commenting.

See bottom for other options is you are stuck..

If you want more… Click HERE.

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Daring, Reckless and VERY Stupid: Buying Natural Gas (UNG)

Here is something that we never thought we would end up writing: We bought a small position into Natural Gas   through an ETF (UNG) today. The fact is that there is a huge supply of natural gas and that does not appear to be abating. At the same time,...

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