Screen: Companies With Huge Layoffs Over 2 Years

If margins are important to keep EPS up to the street’s expectations, it stands to reason that the companies that have cut costs the most should be in good shape. Of course that assumes that those companies are still bringing in a stable revenue stream.

On a regular basis, the fantastic team that runs the screening over at Bloomberg, sends out ideas that may be of interest for further research. Last week, Constantin Cosereanu created a screen that looked for companies that have been hiring over the past couple of years. It got me thinking… Who are the companies that have been reducing headcount by the most over that same period.

The results are below. Some of the companies listed are obviously not in very good financial shape. But, maybe there are a few that have cut costs down to the bone and will see a turnaround once (if) things pick up. It stands to reason that with costs low, their net income could soar.

Just something to chew on ahead of the NFP report on Friday.