Sunday Fun: Labor Day Special (Charting Obama’s Job’s Initiatives)

Now that we have seen the recent (abysmal) NFP payroll report, it is obvious that our elected officials have a great deal to say with little to back it up. The confidence game that has been used in an attempt to kick-start a recovery worked, for a while.

We need to see something more that another Presidential speech filled with idealistic and feel-good snippets. So, if the next plan that President Obama brings to the table has anything to do with:

  • Eco-friendly/clean energy jobs or;
  • Shovel ready infrastructure or;
  • Eduction initiatives or;
  • Extensions of any payroll tax benefits…

Here is what to do:

Turn of the speech immediately and take a moment to look at the chart below. Any of the above will be a signal that the depth of ideas presented is too shallow to change the course of the current employment crisis we are facing.

From this weekend’s Investors Business Daily:

(Click to enlarge)