Month: June 2011

China Inflation and Retail Sales: Beware of Headlines

The headlines are already showing that there is a good deal to celebrate as China’s economy is still going strong. Even after several rounds of rate hikes and government measures to try to cool the economy, inflation is accelerating. But is this really good for the global economy?

The CPI measure...

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Short Interest Ratio Update: Interesting Rotation

The short interest reports come out every two weeks. The positioning on 5/13/11 was curious as it was showing a great deal of overall complacency. That data   showed that it was primarily the consumer discretionary sector which was seeing an noticeable uptick in bearish activity. At that time, we...

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Indicators Flashing Extreme Signals – What To Watch This Week

A few interesting readings on important indicators. At the end of last week’s client update, we mentioned that there is a potential for a short-term bounce for markets. While any one indicator can not provide a clear picture of the markets and the overall sentiment, these are a few that...

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TDI Podcast 216: Defense, Offense and Market Tactics

Andrew gets right down to business to discuss how to handle this market. Some of the key indicators that may provide some insight into the next move for markets. What are the best ways to hedge and when is it time to release those hedges are explored in this episode.


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